Flying Fox Vineyard

Monticello AVA 

Acreage: 6.00 acres

Varieties: Cabernet Franc (2 acres), Petit Verdot (1.25 acres), Merlot (2.75 acres)

Trellis System: Smart-Dyson, Vertical Shoot Positioning

Pruning: Cane and Cordon

Notes: During the winter of 2017 we started our first Sly Fox Series experiments with different pruning techniques in our Flying Fox Vineyard. Historically, we had always cordon pruned the vineyard. This year, we have employed several different pruning techniques in order to improve quality and reduce yield in the vineyard. The results of our experiment will be bottled in our first Sly Fox Series Edition hitting the shelves sometime in 2019. 


Ridge Run Vineyard

Shenandoah AVA

Acreage: 8.00 acres

Varieties: Viognier (6.5 acres), Pinot Gris (1.5 acres)

Trellis System: Vertical Shoot Positioning

Pruning: cane

Notes: This vineyard is a significantly higher site, and about two weeks delayed from our warmer Flying Fox Vineyard in Afton. This is a great advantage to us as it helps to protect us from late season frosts.