sly fox 2017 - 1st Edition

the question: how do different pruning techniques effect the quality and flavor profile of wine?

why we're asking: Flying Fox Vineyard was planted in 1999 and since that time has been cordon pruned. 17 years into it we have massive lengths of thick cordon. Current viticulture research suggests that in fact cane pruning can result in higher quality fruit and also reduce disease pressure in the vineyard. 

how we're finding the answer: in January of 2017 we did some massive surgery on our oldest vines cutting them back and laying down last years canes as our new cordon. We didn't do the entire vineyard, however. We will compare the wine from the newly cane-pruned vines and the wine from the cordon-pruned and see what the results are. 

when it will be available: late spring 2019



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